3D site tours deliver a living project plan and speed up your processes


As a manager working in construction or engineering you’re tasked with applying resources in the most efficient way. Everything revolves around the work site. People and time are your most precious commodities.

Quite often your project team, contractors and suppliers have to travel considerable distances from remote locations to get to your site. They have to be there to get the full picture and extract the detail they need to complete their part of the project.

Or do they?

What if you could give everybody involved a highly detailed virtual site view with all the information they need to hand without having to visit?

What if you could secure your best prospects by using a highly efficient screening process that eliminates disinterested parties, saves your valuable time, and gives your potential customers a highly engaging viewing with all the information they need to hand?

Let Vue360 simplify your process to free up your valuable time.

3D scans bring your stakeholders together on site without them actually being there…

Using 3D scanning technology, Vue360 provides your potential investors, buyers, suppliers and project teams with a fully immersive virtual tour, eliminating the need to see the actual site. They get instant access to all the information they need to check progress from anywhere in the world via their phone, tablet or personal computer.

We make the site visit on your behalf, applying our industry-leading Matterport 3D camera and software to capture the site in its entirety from every angle to give you a complete picture of it in minute detail. We can scan sites quickly and relay them through instant sharing to speed up your processes. You then have a 3D scanned model that enables your key stakeholders to take a complete virtual walkaround, seeing everything in high-definition clarity.

Using the ‘Doll’s House View’ 3D model every inch of your site can be seen in a fully immersive experience where your audience becomes totally engaged in the environment as if they’re actually there. To complete the picture, accurate 2D schematic floor plans are extracted from the 3D scan to provide a complete understanding of the internal space layout.

Tags can be applied too, to highlight useful information throughout the virtual site tour to bring specific features of interest to your viewers’ attention, like an alternative build option or an area for further discussion. You can also add web pages or video links to offer expanded information about each highlighted feature.

All of the scans provided serve as a useful reference guide during the planning and design phases. For example, it’s easy to extract accurate measurements for vital fixtures from the scan such as floor beams and roof trusses. You can use the 2D images and 3D data to track project milestones. And at the end of the project you can provide the ultimate owner with enhanced documentation – a superior detailed record that as an archived file can be used to brief maintenance & repair suppliers such as facilities managers and tradespeople.

Other benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for site visits to take measurements by extracting floor plans and schematics from scans.
  • Print images and plans instantly.
  • Get supplier quotes without the need for site visits

Use 3D virtual tours to use your resources more efficiently, deliver an enhanced experience for your stakeholders, and raise your professional standing.

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