3D virtual site tours bring your health & safety to life


As an employer, building owner, health & safety officer or facilities manager, you have responsibility for workplace safety. One of your most important roles is to ensure the health, welfare and safety of staff and visitors.

Needless to say, people are the most precious commodity. It’s vital that employees and visitors alike understand the layout of your building in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Your employees, customers, contractors and suppliers are obliged to get the full picture of your health & safety policy, extracting the detail they need to know in case of an emergency. Two-dimensional floor plans on wall charts or in presentations are the benchmark…

…But they don’t have to be.

What if you could give everybody who enters your site a virtual health & safety site tour, loaded with useful information, that’s highly engaging and commands attention?

3D walkthrough tours help to protect people…

Using 3D scanning technology, Vue360 provides your employees and visitors with a fully immersive virtual tour. Accessed from anywhere remotely via phone, tablet or personal computer, new employees and upcoming visitors can see your entire premises, room-by-room in acute detail to understand the layout in the context of your health & safety policy. As a ‘Doll’s House View’ 3D model, every part of your site can be seen in a fully immersive experience where your audience becomes totally engaged in the environment as if they’re actually there.

We scan the site on your behalf, using our industry-leading Matterport 3D camera and software to capture every millimetre of the site to give you a complete picture of it in minute detail. You then have a 3D scanned model that can be shared to take a complete virtual walkaround, with everything shown in high-definition clarity. To complete the picture, accurate 2D schematic floor plans are extracted from the 3D scan to provide a complete understanding of the internal space layout. You’ll always have one version of the truth.

You can apply special tags too, to highlight useful information during the virtual site tour that you need to bring to attention, such as fire extinguishers and emergency exits. If required, you can also add web pages or video links to offer expanded information – on fire drills for instance.

The 3D and 2D scans provided are useful reference guides, not just for health & safety, but for general building planning and management too. Extracting accurate measurements for new fixtures is quick and easy, so it’s ideal to brief maintenance & repair suppliers for example.

Furthermore, if you decide to extend your building or change your layout, it’s a straightforward exercise to scan the new section and add it back into the model to ensure that your blueprint remains up to date. It means that you’ll always have a detailed 3D & 2D record that serves as enhanced documentation, whatever your future requirements.

Other benefits:

  • Plan health & safety updates from the comfort of your device.
  • Print images and plans instantly.
  • Get supplier quotes for RMI work without the need for site visits.
  • Work on future building plans virtually.

Use 3D virtual tours make your health & safety memorable, enhance your processes, and keep records up-to-date.

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