3D virtual walkthroughs make event booking & planning easy


As a venue owner staging major events you know the importance of getting the detail right. Planning for each one can be time-consuming and costly for both you and your customers, especially if they’re located miles away.

From private weddings and parties to corporate conferences and meetings, you appreciate how vital it is to help your customers understand exactly what you have to offer.

Two-dimensional still photos of rooms and floorplans online and in promotional brochures are a nice introduction to your venue and facilities, but they stop short at being remote snapshots of your offering.

Imagine seeing your venue in all its 3D glory without even being there…

Now you can demonstrate the space and layout of your venue in 3D on personal devices. From prospective event planners to couples arranging their big day, they can do so from the comfort of their own offices or homes using 3D scanning technology.

Taking a virtual tour of your venue, event planners get everybody’s perspective ahead of the event from delegates to presenters; couples get the chance to do a virtual walkthrough ahead of the moment, and see the ceremony through the eyes of their guests.

Engaging themselves in your immersive experience, your customers will gain a deep understanding of your space. In turn, this will enable them to plan their event with you, making key decisions and fine-tuning the detail, which can all be done remotely.

Knowing how everything will look, your customers can make bookings with confidence ahead of their event without even having to visit.

Use 3D virtual walkthroughs to boost your bookings, get the detail right, and deliver an unforgettable experience.


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