3D virtual tours save valuable time to focus on serious buyers


You’re a busy estate agent. Your success comes from identifying highly qualified prospects for your sales and lettings and converting them. Your valuable resources can often be wasted showing less interested parties around with time-consuming face-to-face viewings.

Your customers are busy too, and they may be in remote locations miles away from your property for sale or rent. You can share conventional photography with them to promote your property, but they have to piece together a series of still images to create a fuller picture.

What if you could secure your best prospects by using a highly efficient screening process that eliminates disinterested parties, saves your valuable time, and gives your potential customers a highly engaging viewing with all the information they need to hand?

Let Vue360 simplify your process to free up your valuable time.

3D property tours that are so real they’ll think they’re there…

Now you can offer open house viewings from anywhere.

Using 3D scanning technology your potential buyers and tenants take their own fully immersive virtual tour before they get to see the actual property. They take in everything that it has to offer and get all the information they need from the comfort of their own home using their phone, tablet or personal computer.

Every property can be seen in its entirety using the ‘Doll’s House View’ 3D model, which is a fully immersive experience where the viewer feels fully engaged in the environment. It’s so realistic that your customer will feel as if they’re actually there. Combined with accurate floor plans extracted from the 3D scan, the result is that they’ll gain a complete understanding of the internal space and layout as they see every room in relation to one another.

Tags highlighting useful information can also be used throughout the property to bring specific features of interest to your viewers’ attention, like a pull-out larder or a sunken bath. You can also add web pages or video links to offer expanded information about them.

With less time-wasting property viewings, you can focus your time and attention on serious buyers to close sales and lettings faster. Following a visit to the actual property the 3D virtual tour remains useful as a detailed reference tool for hot prospects in the decision-making process.

Other benefits:

  • Create estimates and valuations without visiting sites.
  • Eliminate the need for site visits to take measurements by extracting floor plans and schematics from scans.
  • Add tags to specific areas on 3D models to add notes, e.g. about damages.

Use 3D virtual tours to save your valuable time, increase your viewings, get ahead of your rivals, and drive your property lets and sales.

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