3D models free up your time to dedicate to your customers


You’re a highly prominent commercial and domestic property insurer. Your reputation is measured on the efficient management of your customers’ claims. Policyholders want the fastest, fairest settlement with minimum time and hassle. That’s why they chose you.

As things stand you’re always going to be up against it. From images to measurements, every site has to be visited to capture all of the information needed to complete an assessment. Many claims require multiple site visits to complete the process.

Let Vue360 simplify your process to free up your valuable time.

Get the full picture in 3D to assess from your desk…

Armed with our leading 3D camera technology we make the site visit on your behalf. We capture the site in its entirety from every angle, so that you get the complete picture including all contents in minute detail. You then have a 3D scanned model that enables you to take a complete virtual walkaround, seeing everything in high-definition clarity.

Everything’s in an easy-to-read file format that can be shared 24/7 with your colleagues, support agencies and customers. You can then make your assessments anywhere, either individually or in teams. All you need is a phone, tablet or personal computer to access the scans.

If you’ve archived scans of insured sites you can also compare pre and post-damaged 3D models to make quick assessments with absolute accuracy. Even more impressive is the fact that you can then use these archived scans for reconstruction, enabling architects and builders to reproduce and rebuild detailed structures to their original specification following damage.

You’ll be able to deliver a fast, efficient, attentive service that minimises their stress, as they wait less time for their claims to be settled and for their property to be rebuilt.

Other benefits:

  • Create estimates and valuations without visiting sites.
  • Eliminate the need for site visits to take measurements by extracting floor plans and schematics from scans.
  • Add tags to specific areas on 3D models to add notes, e.g. about damages.

Use 3D scans and interactive walkthroughs to settle claims more quickly and efficiently, so that you can satisfy and retain your valuable customers.

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